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three kids wearing Handlebend apparel


When you’re little, the simplest things seem the biggest. Staying up late, that first cruise with no training wheels, or stomping down the creek just out of sight of your mom and dad. It’s a big, bright world full of wonder and with far fewer cares than we grown ups care about. 
Life through a kid’s eyes is, perhaps, a wonderful little example of how we ought to all live:  with lots of energy to throw at all the things that make us curious, and with unending appreciation for the little wins in life. 
Eat more cake. Play in the dirt. Go, go, go, until you can’t anymore. 
Whatever you do, enjoy it; and maybe don’t take it all so seriously. 
Our kids lineup is built around that big perspective we can gain from those awesome little people. Simple, fun, and - in the spirit of Handlebend’s ethos - always good times. 

Get out there and get dirty. It’ll wash out.
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