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"We made a big order through Handlebend last Christmas as gifts to our customers. We wanted something special for them and boy did we get it! To a person, each customer responded in ways we could have only hoped: "How inventive!", I'll think of you guys every time is have a drink!", They sit on my bar shelf as a reminder of quality!". The comments go on and on but suffice it to say, THESE MUGS (AND HOW THEY ARRIVED) delivered the perfect positive response we were seeking."
-Timothy G, AuctusIQ

"I WAS TAKEN BACK. The gift idea was unique and made me feel pretty special. I’m excited to get the reaction from my staff and clients when we send out this Christmas."

-J. Michael Vargo, CEO, Vargo Solutions

"I think you are a phenomenal company and I was talking about you in the Atlanta, GA airport and Minneapolis airport today. I tell everyone if they are looking for a gift with a “bang” they must use you."

-Kayti Schwarting, Market Director, AFLAC Insurance

Working for a premium beef company, we like to surround ourselves with other premium products. So when it came to stock some premium copper mugs in our world-class restaurant and butcher shop - there was only one place for us to go. The ordering process was quick, easy, and the fullfillment time was lickety-split! We have these branded with our CP logo and have made great gifts within our store. Couldn't be happier!
- Ben Mohl