Working for a premium beef company, we like to surround ourselves with other premium products. So when it came to stock some premium copper mugs in our world-class restaurant and butcher shop - there was only one place for us to go. The ordering process was quick, easy, and the fullfillment time was lickety-split! We have these branded with our CP logo and have made great gifts within our store. Couldn't be happier!


Phenomenal copper mugs. The most impactful gift I can continue to give friends and co workers. A gift someone will never forget. The craftmanship is extraordinary.


Amazing copper mugs! Quality you can see and feel! You won’t be disappointed.


We made a big order through Handlebend last Christmas as gifts to our customers. We wanted something special for them and boy did we get it! To a person, each customer responded in ways we could have only hoped: "How inventive!", I'll think of you guys every time is have a drink!", They sit on my bar shelf as a reminder of quality!". The comments go on and on but suffice it to say, THESE MUGS (AND HOW THEY ARRIVED) delivered the perfect positive response we were seeking.