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Handlebend signature mule candle


50% Cocktail. 50% Candle. 100% Nebraska made.

Hand poured by the crew at Handlebend and 168 Candles Studio. 


From Regan at 168,
At 168 candles studio we individually hand - pour each candle using all natural, plant-based soy wax free of paraffin for both clean and long lasting burn. The fragrance oil used to scent our candles are free of toxic chemicals like parabens and phthalate, commonly found in mass-produced factory candles. This also ensures a clean burn especially safe for children and pets. Our soft-crackling wood wicks are fsc-certified. Meaning that they have been harvested from forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards. we are committed to using sustainable, post-consumer recycled, and biodegradable packing materials to keep our carbon footprints to a minimum.


Every candle from 168 Candles Studio is handmade with care.
To enjoy your candle fully, please follow these tips:

Burn your candle for 3-4 hours each burn.
Always allow the melted wax to reach the edge of the container
Trim your wick before each use.
Use a wick trimmer or pinch the top burnt section with your fingers to make a short and level wick.
Always keep your wick trimmed to ¼’

Handlebend Candle


candle care:


The Copper Candle will become hot once lit.

The cup is not sealed, meaning it does not have the kitchen grade sealer on it.  Once the mug is empty it is not safe to drink out of. Your Copper Mug Candle is manufactured for candles only


How to use your free refill: 

Mail your mug to Regan with the address below, please include your email and address on a note with your mug. Shipping is not included in your free refill, Regan will be in contact with you to receive shipping payment and will mail your candle to you once it is re-poured. Please allow 2-4 weeks production time to ensure the care of your candle. 

Once you have used your free refill included in your purchase, you are able to refill your copper cup as many times as you would like. Using the same steps as above. Production time is 2-4 weeks to ensure the care of your candle. 


168 Candle Studio 

2259 168th Rd. 

Valpraiso, Nebraska 68065

Copper Candle Care
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