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Give Thanks - Hunt to Eat Feature

Handlebend's own Michael Stepp's feature on Hunt to Eat's Blog. Keep readin'!

By Hunt To Eat Ambassador, Michael Stepp

Give Thanks.

It has almost become a trivial phrase, one that glazes the mind over and evokes inconsiderable responses. In today’s world of commerce and broadcast and popularity, we become programmed in how to be thankful.

It is ironic that the moments we try so hard to be appreciative, to be humble, to be thankful, are so often fleeting moments of empty movements. Sometimes our genuine sentiments are defied by the spectacle that is created for others to see; in these moments authentic gratitude can be lost. True humility strikes us when no one is watching. We thank the heavens above for health and beautiful children, and for the world we’ve each been given.

We give raw thanks when no one is around to see.

Pick up that phone. Try to capture the feeling. You cannot. Thankfulness is a mysterious sentiment that will vaporize like a foggy morning fading to a sunny day. You cannot see it leave, you cannot harness the moment. You can only enjoy it until it is gone.

The best we can do is cherish those moments. Give thanks then and there. Grip those moments with every knuckle; wring those moments for every drop until it fleets. When it is gone, acknowledge where it came from. Truly give thanks, and then hope like hell you get more of it.

Every single day is bestowed upon us. Gifts of this life and of this earth lay before us each and every day. Some days those gifts are unmistakable, like a slap in the face from above. Other days, they are subtle, requiring scrutiny, even from the most observant of souls.

The perfect sunrise…an untimely diaper.

A silent cup of tea…kiddos barking about supper.

A table full of loved ones…a list of nagging to-do’s.

You see, there is something to be thankful for in each moment. Life gives us gifts, and it gives us opportunities. The key to success, the perfection to strive for, is finding the opportunity in the most trying of times.

Pray for patience? I’ll bet you will not magically be granted a renowned sense of patience; rather, I would wager you will be given opportunities to practice patience.  It is up to you to recognize those as opportunities.

When we step away from our own perception of need, we can begin to relish in what we already have.

Practice giving thanks this season. It is an art that can never be perfected.


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Thank you, Hunt to Eat!

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