• PumpJack

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    An iconic fixure in a state where the wind blows more days than it doesn’t, the windmill brought
    technology to the great plains that elevated cattle ranching with the freedom to expand herd range to
    lands previously too far from water.

    Growing up in Nebraska we spent countless hours chasing fun and making memories in the sandhills and
    river valleys where these symbols of “The Good Life” towered over nearly every backdrop we could seek

    The Pumpjack is inspired by and “tips the hat” to the tailfin of the thousands of windmills that have
    graced the skylines and backdrops of our playground for far longer than we’ve been playing. A true slice
    of the Good Life.

    Acrylic Wool Blend. Structured High Crown. 6 Panel. Flat Bill. Snap Back.

    Colors: Navy, Grey, Black, Maroon