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This Old Door.

This old door spent most of it’s life keeping in the cold. 

Back when moby dick was a minnow and Handlebend was a grocery store, this door swung open many times a day to reveal the locker that stored untold tons of freshly butchered meat.


And then, one day, just as quickly as the door was put to use, it’s purpose was all used up; it sat unopened for decades.


If this old door could talk, he’d have stories to tell. It could fill your day recounting the people, the families, and the life that lived within our walls; the children who accompanied their grandfathers errand-running with hopes of an ice cream cone as fair payment for companionship, and the housewives who gathered groceries for a weekend full of family.


When we remodeled the Shelhamer building, we couldn’t bring ourselves to throw this old door away. Instead, we gave it new purpose.  Now, it swings again; this time revealing our coppershop to interested parties.


It’s fresh coat of color serves as a feature in our banquet room where families gather to celebrate some of life’s most important milestones. 


If this old door could talk, he’d be happy to tell your story.

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