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Matt Dennis on Rural Futures Podcast

Our own Matt Dennis was recently interviewed by Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild with the Rural Futures Podcast. See what they have to say & have a listen!

"Rural maverick Matt Dennis of Handlebend on Episode 18 of the Rural Futures Podcast!

Matt understands the reality of the agricultural economy, the need for creative thinking for thriving rural communities and the grit it’s going to take to lead families, farms and businesses into the future.

As co-founder of Handlebend, he creates exquisite copper mugs from City of O'Neill, Nebraska, his hometown of about 3,700 people, and ships them — in authentic wooden crates — worldwide.

In this episode, he discusses his ag background and full-time job, the balance of starting a business and raising a family and his take on the stories that need to be shared from rural areas across the country.

Dr. Connie, RFI Chief Futurist, is energized by Matt’s call-to-action around female workforce potential, embracing Handlebend’s digital presence and his leadership style that starts with empowering and listening to others.

Thanks Rural Futures!

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