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Updated: Jun 18

graduate drinking with a copper mug

As the grass greens and we wait patiently for the beginning of summer and warmer weather my own kids are becoming stir crazy. I remember the feeling of summer break feeling as if it would never make its way to the present.

Another tradition is on its way to us this time of year. Graduations. Every spring we look forward to the ceremonies and the receptions where we'll celebrate a fresh batch of students closing one chapter of their lives in order to begin the next one.

College graduates likely look back at their recent journey- years of diligence and hard work - with bittersweet sentiments. Those college years are fraught with responsibilities, maybe some stress, and lots of study, but they're also among the most fun years young men and women experience.

After graduation these folks are stepping up and into that next chapter with the excitement of the unknown; where might this job lead me? What might this career path look like? How will life develop over time in the "real world"?

These questions can only be answered with time. Patience and effort will, undoubtedly, build their stories as they bloom and grow into different humans, more capable, more knowledgeable, more accomplished humans.

Graduation obviously marks the end of an era for students all over the world. More importantly, though, it marks a beginning.

Congratulations to 2023's graduates. You've accomplished so much already, and the world awaits you. Go and start your story.

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