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These mothers.

They toil and they trouble. They worry and they stress.

They work, constantly, to provide comfort. They are built for it. They are, in their bones and in their souls- at the root of their existence- caregivers.

They are givers, these mothers.

Givers of themselves. They give and they give themselves to their children; without any kind of worry that they’ll ever run out or not have enough.

Enough of themselves for themselves.

They don’t worry about that. Why would they worry about that? Their people… their humans are all in line ahead of them; all more deserving of the worry and of the giving. A mom would give her life without a second thought, so that her child might live.

And she does.

Every day. Slowly. Until one day, there is no more life and there is no more mother; only the life she left with you and for you.

These mothers.

It seems that maybe a day isn’t enough.

Appreciate, honor, and celebrate the mothers in your life.


This weekend.

Every day.

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