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Bekah Scout

Updated: Jun 18

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Giveaway Winner Announced March 6th on Handlebend Stories.
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Bekah Scout

Give that girl a camera and she’ll make some magic with it.

Rebekah has had a camera in her hand since she was a child. The proof lies with her younger sister Pammela, the target of some of her earliest photoshoots; the sisters still laugh about the awkward tones of that early art.

Growing up in a tiny northeast Nebraska town, Rebekah explained to me the progression of her technology in photography equipment as a kiddo. Hand-me-down point and shoot cameras from the late 90’s made up the bulk of her arsenal and she was always excited when a “new” one made it her way. The constant, for her, was her subject. I must be a highly regarded individual, because Pam recently gave me a sneak peak of some of the products of those early photoshoots. She doesn’t yet know, I shouldn’t be trusted.

I laughed.

At her. Not with her. Those babies are embarrassing.

You can likely imagine some of the poses and faces a pair of young girls might come up with while trying to replicate the drama and art-worthiness of a vogue cover shot. They were certainly having fun, and hey…look what that early inspiration has turned into!

That was a long time ago. Bekah’s skillset has evolved with the times, but I’ve always maintained - her skill isn’t a learned one…it’s innate.

Bekah is a local girl, who lived a good portion of her life in small-town Nebraska, but our paths officially crossed around the time we launched Handlebend. We didn’t necessarily know what we were doing in launching a business, but we knew we had to do it well. With regards to photography and design we were most definitely going to need to outsource. Rebekah killed it.

Shortly thereafter she’d join our early ranks as official Handlebend photographer and social media-er. It was fun to learn the technical side of creativity with her and to watch her style and capabilities grow over the course of a few years. During those times I realized that Bekah truly had a gift- I believe her eyes see and process light differently than most of us. I’ve always said of her; “if 1000 photographers took the same photo, Rebekah’s would stand out among the rest”.

Our roads have diverged since, but Rebekah shares our sentiments regarding small-town Nebraska. She’s still local and raises a happy and creative little girl in her daughter, Penelope. If I had to guess, it won’t be long before Penny is gracing our world with some sort of creative and beautiful endeavor….a chip off the ol’ block she is. Rebekah totally gets the benefit and understands the value in raising kids where the world still runs a bit slower…and we still get to grab beers with her from time to time! O’Neill is fortunate to have big-city talent in this local girl. Check out her work…we think you’ll agree!

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