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168 Candles Studio

168 Candles Studio. A small business built on better intention. A trait lost in the world of comfortability, but a trait that we, Handlebend, strive for.

Too often, we get lost in what’s easy. But, at some point in time, in anyone’s timeline, you get pushed out of that box. That is where Regan Karel, owner of 168 Candles Studio, found herself.

A lifelong athlete, Regan found herself at a crossroads, the end of her athletic career, where she witnessed many before her. A point in which she asked herself, what now? And although she wasn’t aware of it at the time, the answer was the startup of her own business. The beginning of that business?

A single candle.

It began as an ongoing joke with gift giving with her mother-in-law. Who could one up the other? “She bought me a candle. How could I beat that? I’ll make her a candle.” As she compiled a list of ingredients and research, a moment that would go down in history for 168 Candles Studio began.  Regan’s first candle was ready to be lit.

The Karel family skeptically gathered around to check out Regan’s creation. Hand poured to perfection, or what she thought was perfection at the time. A match was struck and hovered waiting for the wick to take a kiss.

A story all too familiar to the beginning of our copper mugs, Regan’s candle was surrounded in flames.

“Regan, maybe it’s time to find a new hobby,” Regan’s family joked. But, this was more than a hobby for Regan.

Reflecting on past products she purchased, Regan was determined to produce a better product. The same goal behind our Handlebend mugs.

Pushing new limits, Regan decided to create a product inspired by our Rambler and the mule it holds. From there, the relationship with 168 and HB began.

After several meetups, scent tests, and product trials - the 168 Candles Studio and Handlebend team met up for the final pour. Presenting you, the Signature Mule Candle.

See more from Regan at 168 Candles Studio at

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