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Snow falling on streetview of Handlebend building
2023: A Year of
Community, Creativity,
+ Copper. 

The sun has set on 2023. Reflecting upon the incredible journey Handlebend has taken us on this year. As is customary, we've been reflecting upon the past year.  In true Handlebend fashion, it's been wild, fun, and a bit crazy. From the early months of anticipation to the festive holiday season, each event has certainly left an indelible mark... Join us as we take a 12 month stroll through the highlights that made Handlebend's 2023 a year to remember.

Cheers two copper St. Pats mugs

The year kicked off with a bang as we connected with the folks that make our HB community special. Through our Countdown to St. Pats Giveaway, we discovered stories from individuals who create cool shit. We told their stories across all our platforms and ended each week with a giveaway. All leading up to our final giveaway of custom O'Neill Nebr. St Pats mugs. If you haven't listened to their stories yet, check them out here. 

Welcome to the team!

 In February, the Handlebend family grew as we welcomed Kayla and Sonia, whose passion and creativity would soon become integral to our journey. 

woman smiling with plated desert
woman smiling while cutting an orange


March brought a wave of hometown pride as we celebrated St. Pats with a special collaboration with Little Mountain Print Shoppe. Our "Coppertown USA" tee, designed and printed by Joe at Little Mountain Print, hit the shelves just in time for the locals to get some green gear to celebrate our favorite time of year in O'Neill... St. Pats.

coffee bean grinder and coffee menu

In April, our espresso machine was installed, baristas were hired, and our coffee shop was officially open. 


An unforgettable nerf war loss..

May brought a blend of laughter and friendly competition with Michael's unforgettable loss in the Office Nerf War. 


The goldenrod cups became a staple at the coffee shop, artwork was created in-house as a reminder of our home, NE.

HB golden rod coffee cup at greenhouse
HB GoldenRod Sticker
Treats + Tumbles.

June was marked by the introduction of Kayla’s Lemon Blues Cinnamon Roll, a pastry that quickly became a sweet obsession - just as good as the taproom favorite, the Lemon Blues Mule.

The Handlebend team embraced camaraderie on the golf course, with Tasha's unplanned tumble off the golf cart becoming a cherished memory in the making.

Tasha tumbling off the golf cart
boys fishing

July was a month of growth and expansion. Our "Small Town Kids Summer" apparel launched while we hosted a series of small-town kid events.  The addition of Kaio to the team brought fresh energy. Sonia's takeover of the customs copper showcased the evolving talents within our Handlebend family.

Hideaway custom mug - Heine Farm
Beauty and the Beast custom mug
Worley Farms custom mug
Custom mug
Handlebend candle

August saw the introduction of a new candle scent in collaboration with Regan @ 168 Candles. Lemon Blues started as a HB exclusive mule, and is now it's own brand with mules, candles, and apparel. 

Drew's first mug.

In September we welcomed Drew to the CopperShop. According to Bryce, Drew's first mug is the best first mug he's ever seen. 

Omaha Home Magazine
Bingo sign

October was filled with a whole lot of "new".

Our first Bingo night was October 15th. We had been dreaming about this bingo machine for a long time. We finally got to see the numbers light up in the building and we've been having two bingo nights a month ever since.

We were featured in Omaha Home Magazine! 


Our "Hideaway" launched! With a team effort and some help from family we created a short film to launch our new product. 

ceramic mugs and copper mugs
Katie kimbrew ceramics launch

In November we shared Katie K's story across all our platforms and are now selling Katie Kimbrew Ceramics in-store at Handlebend!

As December unfolded, Handlebend played Santa to the nation, shipping to various states and countries for Christmas.


Amidst the festivities, Bryce crafted a memorable fishbowl for the taproom. It has been HB team tested and approved. 

Summer joined our team, full-time! 


Our core values, built around 6 months of reflection as a team, launched. The result is a code, of sorts, we're excited to integrate throughout our daily lives and workings at the Handlebend Building. 

Santa with a HB copper mug
HB copper fishbowl
Smiling girl offering coffee out drivethrough window
Book titled "To The Moon"
Handlebend team outside HB building
Handlebend's 2023 has been a symphony of moments, each note contributing to the beautiful melody that is our community. From chance encounters to purposeful collaborations, we've woven a tapestry of memories that reflect the heart and soul of Handlebend's fabric. As we step into a new year, we're hoping to carry these memories forward, savoring the sentiments that make Handlebend more than just a brand: a family, a community, and a celebration of life's beautifully crafted moments.
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